Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mind the Gap...

   I decided to give myself a challenge the other day.  I would go out and photograph only the top of my patio table which was speckled with little yellow honey locust leaves and still wet from the four days of rain we had.

   This is my favorite composition of the lot and it really was all about composition.  Me being "artsy".  As soon as I looked at it I had to laugh.  Placing an "empty" space right in the middle would have made my drawing teacher back in the day crazy!  But I love it and I think it is because the red brick showing through doesn't seem like empty space to me at all, just a rich red line.

   I like the simplicity and abstract quality to the composition as well as the color.  I have to admit, it was really fun to just think in compositional terms for a bit and not deeper meaning and metaphor.  But it did remind me of the warnings I've seen in London subway "Mind the Gap".

   Actually, this is an excellent exercise for anyone who wants to explore design.  Pick an impossibly small place and see what sorts of compositions you can come up with.  Make a lot of photographs...horizontals and verticals.  Get in close and go for the pure abstract expression if you want.  Above all else, just have fun with the exercise and don't give a second thought to the gap.


Dotti said...

Very fun advice! 'Mind the gaps' always makes me think of not allowing enough time to get out of the house or to a destination. We forget that it takes a couple of minutes to find the keys, get our coats, start the car, etc., etc. And it all adds onto the planned time frame in our minds. The gaps, in other words.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Dotti. Yes, this post is all about having fun and leaving the judgmental mind behind.