Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Poetry of Place: 16 November 2014

A Great Stillness
 My first black and white image of the pond but it seemed so appropriate to the experience.  It was a day wrapped in grey and completely windless.  A great stillness and silence had settled over the pond.  I heard no rustle along the shore...no crow call.  Perfect silence.   It was a day where the landscape seemed to hold its breath for a time...so did I.

   Unlike we humans who try our hardest to control and manipulate nature, the pond sat in a quiet acceptance of what is.  Change is coming, the reflections will give way to ice and the whiteness and wind of winter but for this moment it was pure tranquility.  (Click on the image and see it in a large version which is more effective in communicating the stillness.)

The first step toward change is awareness. 
The second step is acceptance.

-Nathaniel Branden 

   I have a post about this project at the pond on the wonderful blog, Focusing on Life.  You might like to check it out!



Dotti said...

You're right! Clicking on the larger image was very dramatic and effective! I could feel the stillness. Thank you for linking back to FOL, it was such a delight to have you there yesterday. I do hope you went back later in the day to read the comments that appeared after your own comment.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Dotti and yes, I did go back this morning and I'm still blushing from the compliments! I'm so glad you liked A Perfect Stillness. One of my favorites to date.