Monday, June 23, 2014

Up Close or Far Away?

   My first exhibit was called Up Close and Far Away and comprised my black and white images of the Outer Hebrides made in 2005.  I've always loved that phrase and one Spring morning, on my way to the mailbox, it inspired this image and post.

   Some photographers go for the "long view"...the expansive panorama...the breath taking landscape a la Ansel Adams.  Others  focus on the close up...the intimate, near to hand view point.  And then there are some who want an infinite depth of field so they can take in both...they want it both ways!

    I would say I am firmly in the Up Close Camp...the tiny, precious blue bells in the foreground as opposed to the dazzling mass of forsythia in the background.  I must say, however, I like them seen together and by having only one in focus, I can demonstrate my preference.

   Each season has it's own color contrasts.  Spring can offer either subtle soft contrasts or vividly stark ones.  I love both.  Seen like this, I can contemplate the contrast and not just the individual colors.

   The next time you are out in an immense and breath taking landscape, take the time to see what is right at your feet...turn your lens down here and not just out there.  Forget worrying about the depth of field...make a choice...up close or far away?


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