Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Walk to the Upper Lake at Glendalough and another chance to let go....

A Time for Healing
My help is in the mountain
Where I take myself to heal
The earthly wounds
That people give to me.
I find a rock with sun on it
And a stream where the water runs gently
And the trees one by one give me company.
Nancy Wood

Glendalough, like Iona, has the tradition of casting what you wish to release into the lake.  In this stunning setting it is easy to enter into that ritual again.  I noticed how quickly the lake becomes calm again after I have disturbed the surface with my stone which sends out every expanding rings after it breaks the surface and disappears.  The lake takes it in, swallows it up and returns to its tranquility.  Just like that…it’s gone.

Here is a full view of the Upper Lake:


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