Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 I found two messages on my travels...way markers I call them.  The first was on the grounds of the Hermitage Center where I am staying.  Another way to consider thresholds presented itself to me. 

 Some doorways are wide and inviting while others are narrow and difficult to pass through. As human’s we tend to go for the easy and accessible I think, at least I do.  Why make things more difficult than they have to be but perhaps there is much we can learn about ourselves by taking the less trod upon path..the narrow door.  I think of Robert Frost’s famous line:

…and I, I took the path less traveled and
 that has made all the difference.

   Later, at the Japanese garden outside of Kildare, I saw this sign post…two way markers with a similar message. 

   Life is about making choices, most of the time we make them unthinkingly.  I have always looked for these way markers or sign posts; usually they are not this specific and clear.  But this pilgrimage has had many sign posts which have seemed to speak directly to what was in my heart at the moment.  I think we are all surrounded by these way markers every day.   It is why I love contemplative photography so much.  It hones my eye and sensitizes my heart to be more attuned to these messages.   We begin to see so much more that can guide our contemplative life.  We simply have to be willing to enter into this dialogue with the landscape.

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