Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why I Write....and write, and write...

   This is where I write when I am home in Maine.  Of course, I have to first dislodge Emerson from his favorite sleeping place!  He kindly moves over with just a gentle nudging and I can settle into my comfy chair surrounded by my books and mementos of my the antique Russian samovar behind the chair.  I can put my feet up on the ottoman and scribble to my hearts content usually with soft Gregorian chants playing in the background.

   Why is the physical act of writing so important to me?  Why not just sit at the computer and peck away?  Yes, I do that too since I must to record and publish these blog posts but it is not my favorite way to render my thoughts.  I like the physicality of pen on paper just as I like to hold a real book in my hands and not the kindle edition. (You can read about an encounter I had while flying here as well as my feelings on the importance of journaling as part of a contemplative practice.)

   I've just finished a wonderful three day e-class, Sacred Practices for Women Who Write offered free of charge by Sybil Dana Reynolds the author of Ink and Honey.  It is an enriching way to muse on the nature and practice of writing and its importance in your life.  You can access the Ink and Honey website here.  Listen to the lovely video about the book and then scroll down to find the free e-class.

   Writing is not only a way to keep track of my thoughts but also to work my way through things that matter to me.  It is a way to discharge emotions as well as reflect on my experiences.  Sometimes it is just a playful, stream-of-consiousness thing.  Everyone approaches writing in their own way.

   I would like you to consider, as Reynolds suggests in her Sacred Practices for Women Who Write class, ways you can carve out a special space to sit and record your thoughts either on paper or Ipad. (A fluffy black cat is totally optional...)


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