Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Guest Post on Abbey of the Arts - Photo Lectio: The Image as Icon

Bell Harbor and Beyond  (Ireland, 2009)
   I am so honored to have one of my writings featured on Abbey of the Arts today, February 6 , 2014, as part of the Abbey's Monk in the World series.  I have been an ardent admirer of Christine Valters Paintner's work for some time and have written a review of her wonderful book on contemplative photography, Eyes of the Heart.   Her post on this blog, Quieting the Mind through Contemplative Photography has been a hugely popular post.

   My guest post looks at my contemplative practice of Photo Lectio...reading the visual text of your photographic images.  It is the heart of my practice of using photography to inform my meditative writings.  It is based on the monastic practice of Lectio Devina and the Jungian concept that the soul speaks to us through images.

   I hope you take the time to follow the link below to Abbey of the Arts to read the post.  For those who have followed this blog for some time, Photo Lectio will  be familiar to you but a quick review is always a good thing.  You might even consider trying the idea of Photo Lectio yourself this year.  The landscape is just waiting to share it's wisdom with you! Your soul will let you know what is important for you to photograph and, with practice, you will be able to read the images you create as easily as you read this post.  


foxysue said...

Patricia, your guest post was great. I love how you are using photography as a means of expressing your connection to the Divine, it is so refreshing! The way you describe your process is inspirational, I can identify with much of what you are saying...I think we have a privilege here online at this time of our evolution in promoting practices that encourage and up-build ~ well done! x

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you so much Susan! The messages and inspiration I am gifted from the landscape is my way of communing with the Divine...all I have to do is just sit still and listen!