Friday, February 7, 2014

My Threshold Pilgrimage - Part Three

Onward and Upward!
 (Can you find the tiny plane?)
   Besides the flight from Boston to Shannon in May, I had two internal flights to schedule.  I easily booked the Shannon to Glasgow flight but for some reason the airline's website would not allow me to book the Glasgow to Dublin flight!  I tried day after day with no luck.  Then I thought, perhaps I was meant to return to Shannon and drive to Glendalough!  So I booked that flight only to find out the next day the Glasgow to Dublin flight was available.  No problem...I was going to drive.

   Now this would have been a lesson in itself but the "Flight Fairies" were not done with me quite yet.  Several weeks later the airline emailed me that BOTH my flights were canceled!  I had to scramble to find two more flights.  The first has me driving 2 1/2 hours south from Ballyvaughan to Cork to fly north to Glasgow but the second will take me from Glasgow directly to Dublin.  So I'm still driving but in a different direction!

   These sudden and unexpected "detours" in your travel plans should never rattle you.  It is all a part of the journey.  Re-routing is just a diversion and should be embraced as part of the experience of the pilgrimage. I give you again my favorite Hildegard quotation...

We must travel like a feather on the breath of God.

     I was certainly being blown around and I hadn't even left yet!  I actually like to experience these sorts of occurences when I travel.  It makes me think the Universe is taking part in my pilgrimage...directing me to where I need to go.  Besides, as my dear Grandmother loved to say,...

The angels laugh the minute we mere 
mortals make our plans!

   Good advice from both sources!

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