Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thought for Today...Growth

     This is a really old image and I've used it before but it is a good example of the fluidity of the messages we get from our images.

   When I first made this photograph, in New Mexico in 2007, I was seeing it more in terms of a composition, an arrangement of line and texture.  It reminded me of  Taoist scroll paintings which I so admire.

   Now it is a metaphor for growth.  I've grown so much over my 8+ years of following a contemplative path with my camera work.  As I was reviewing images for my Retrospective folios which I published back in December, this one pop out for me.

   Re-visiting your work is a great Winter activity.  Sit with them and see what they have to tell you.  You are not the same person you were when you made the photograph so the words you will hear now will be different as well.

   This reflection also brought me back to my word for last year, Pathways.  There is a distinct difference between taking a path and taking a road.  Roads have clear signposts and direction.  You can find them on the map.  You know where you've been and you can see where you are going.  Paths, on the other hand, can be more self-directed and meandering.  You have no real way of knowing where you will end up.

   One definite change I've encountered on this path is my slow drifting away from perfectionism.  Now it is enough for me to ask the questions and flow along with whatever answers I find.  Richard Rohr calls this "union".  You can read his blog post on the idea here....

   This has been my experience these last 8 years and as I begin to journey into 2014 I must say that I love the path I'm on.   I hope my little daily musings have been to some purpose for you all as well.  In fact, in a few days I will publish my 500th post!  That is amazing in and of itself.

   I look forward to journeying with all of you during the coming year and I appreciate your comments and reflections. Not being completely sure of where you will end up is a wonderful thing.  It leaves you open to synchronicity and the serendipitous occurrences that come your way.  Staying comfortable with stepping off the path from time to time is also a good thing and when you come to that inevitable fork in the road you will know which way to go...your heart's GPS will guide you.

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