Sunday, November 17, 2013

PhotoTao Card #49 - Freedom of Action

Freedom of Action
The net of Tao is cast and no one knows
how or why.  There is no way to understand 
how things are kept in balance.

- Exercise -
People have all sorts of reasons for
making photography central to their lives
but what is it about contemplative photography -
as you understand the term - that engages you the
most?  Why do you embrace it and what do you
hope to learn from it?  Choose one image that
represents what contemplative photography 
means to you.  Why did you choose that image?

   There were many photographs I could have chosen for this card. I've chosen one of my latest metaphors.   This one I made while I was waiting for the ferry to take me to Deer Island in September.  

   Sanctuary means different things to different people.  For me, it is a safe haven from the storms of life.  These stones are sheltered within the safety of the driftwood and it says "sanctuary" to me. 

   That would have been enough except that when I got the image home and looked closely at it, I discovered the little heart shaped stone nestled in the space. Can you find it? Sanctuary is a place where the heart can rest.  This adds so much to my understanding of the term.  So many subtle messages, like this one, are left in our paths all the time!   We just have to be open to them.   This is why I love contemplative photography so much!

   Believe it or not, next Sunday is the last posting in the PhotoTao card series!  What a wonderful journey it has been for me to share the wisdom of the Tao with you and to imagine creative ways to apply it to our camera work.


Mystic Meandering said...

Yes, I see that little heart tucked up underneath the wood there! ;) I relate to your meaning of "sanctuary" as well - "a place for the heart to rest..." I will certainly be more aware of the subtle, even hidden messages that come through! What an exciting journey you are taking us on here! With thanks!

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you! Yes, we are all on a journey and the "breadcrumbs", those subtle, easily overlooked messages, are everywhere! Always fun when you come across them in the landscape.