Sunday, November 10, 2013

PhotoTao Card # 48 - Disease of Knowing

Disease of Knowing
Your own experience is the only
 reliable teacher.  Borrowed wisdom is
 not wisdom at all.

- Exercise -
If you draw this card, put it and all
the other cards away.  Put your books away.
Put all evidence of "borrowed wisdom" away.
Spend one month experiencing the world
through your photography and your own heart.
At the month's end ask yourself, "What have
I learned of myself as my own best teacher?"

Echos of Past Lives
    I suppose we don't give ourselves enough credit. We look to those whose opinion we value to direct our work. It is, of course, only natural. Especially when we are new to something, we look to the "masters".

    But this card encourages you to put aside all the masters and trust yourself. See what draws your attention, without judgement and without editing. I think you have to do this for at least a month and getting their words out of your mind is no easy task. (Although I hardly consider myself a "master", I include my words on this blog as well!  Forget it all!)

    If you are able to walk through the world with simply an open and engaging heart you will see wonderful things. Even in the most unusual this stalk of withered and dry leaves.

   Take a month to relax into your own deep awareness of the landscape or whatever else captures your imagination.  Come to recognize that many times you are your own best teacher.


foxysue said...

Thank you, I have never come across these cards (will have to explore), but I have come to similar conclusions myself.

Susan Fox

Patricia Turner said...

These are my invention and you can see all the cards under the subject "PhotoTao Cards" on the right side bar Sue. There will be 50 in all. Thank you for taking time to comment!

Mystic Meandering said...

Love this Patricia! I have actually been doing this naturally, just following the intuitive flow - just being *aware.* And then thought maybe I needed "instruction" - but now am not sure. I was wondering - is there a difference between "contemplative photography" and "intuitive photography"?

Patricia Turner said...

I think the difference is one of degrees. Intuitive refers to a felt response whereas contemplative refers to a more studied approach however, both are heart-based as opposed to mind-based.