Thursday, November 8, 2012

PhotoTao Card #8 - Endurance

Card #8

 Life is at once spiritual and material.
With equal attention, we must attempt 
to understand the ways of both.
- Exercise -
Do not concern yourself with only the
superficial quality of your subject.  Try
looking for a more spiritual approach.  
Unusual angles, dramatic lighting,
even soft focus can all contribute to
a more intuitive photograph. 

White horses have fascinated me for a long time.  Since I first learned of their mythological connotations in the Western Isles in 2005 I've sought them out.  When I traveled to Ireland in 2007 this fascination continued.  Horses have a very mysterious and even a spiritual quality to just need to spend some time with these amazing creatures to sense this.  I tried a very different approach with this image to try to reveal this quality.  With a carrot in the left hand and my camera, set on auto, held high, I made image after image as the horse turned his head to follow the carrot. Most weren't worth  anything but this photograph has become my "icon of experience" as far as my interaction with these lovely, gentle souls.  I hope you try exploring the spiritual side of a subject by using unusual angles and lighting techniques. It will open up a whole new world to you.

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