Thursday, November 1, 2012

PhotoTao Card #7

Card #7

The Cycle of the Tao
 The endless process that continuously
gives birth to itself is the source of
all creation; it has no beginning or end.
- Exercise -
Do a series of photographs over time; a day
a month, even a year.  Watch the changes to
your subject.  Like Monet, begin to experience
the variety of light and weather and how
it changes your perception of the subject.

Living in northern New England, I get to experience the changes in the seasons in a profound way.  I started a series called "Winter Etchings" a few years ago that got me looking at objects in context with the snow.    Revisiting a familiar place at different times of year, in different weather and at different times of day is always an interesting approach.  I find that I have totally different reactions to the objects when I do this...perhaps you will too.

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