Saturday, November 17, 2012

PhotoTao Card #9 - Virtue

Card #9

 Lao-tzu speaks of Te, or Virtue, not as
a ethic or moral stance but as a quality
of being.  Te is the human aspect of Tao.
- Exercise -
Our personality must inform our 
photographs.  Introspective people
tend to create images that are soul
searching while out-going, gregarious
types seek like images.  Don't apologize
for it - embrace it!  Seek out venues & 
subjects that speak directly to your being.

  I have this love of the simple domestic elements in my camera work...especially clothes lines!  This photograph was made in the Western Isles in 2005.  Some campers had stayed the night along the beach and hung their towels on the wire fencing.  I was taken by the pattern of squares within squares and the sense of the wind in the bulging towels.  However, I would probably not have even bothered to record this image if I hadn't allowed my personality to inform my work.  As I've said many, many times... "We are our photographs!"

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