Monday, November 26, 2012

Why I Use Pinterest....

    I'd never heard of Pinterest when my friend introduced it to me some months back.  When I first explored it I thought, "This is not for me..." but later, upon reflection, I realized that if used correctly it could act like an on-line filing system and a resource for my blog followers.

    Bookmarks are helpful but as we all know, in a short time they become unwieldy...impossible to locate what you so earnestly saved a month ago.  Pinterest allows a person to create pin boards and you can easily add items whenever you come across them on the internet. On my Pinterest site, you can find "On Location" boards for all the places I've photographed in, boards on Taoism and Contemplative Photography, photographers I admire and even my "Bucket List" of locations I hope to photograph in someday.

    This book is one of my latest "pins" - to my Inspirational Media board. I find Pinterest a great resource for those of us who need an easy and quick way to organize all the myriad of on-line materials and resources we use and collect in our lives and it is wonderful to be able to share them all with you. When you "pin" something it saves the original link so that you can go back and visit it whenever you want. Visit my Pinterest site (you can click on the link above or on the permanent link in the right side bar) when you have a moment and see what I mean.  I hope this site will be a source of inspiration for might even want to start your own!

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