Friday, December 5, 2014

The Poetry of Place: 27 November 2014

Pond Patchwork
   Southern Maine had experienced their first significant snow storm and we woke on Thanksgiving
morning with 15 inches of heavy wet snow.  It cause major power outages. I'd been out of power since 5pm the day before so with nothing to do but hope the power came back on so I could cook my turkey, I headed out to the pond to see what this major storm had done to the landscape.  I'm so glad I did!

   The skies were a beautiful blue and the pond was criss-crossed with patches of ice in many different shapes, tones and textures.  It was breathtaking.  The light was especially luminous as it often is right after a snow storm.  Soft fingers of light broke up the expanses of ice in a particularly lovely way.  I especially liked the small oval of unfrozen water the reflected the snow covered trees.

   I could also see that making my way to the ponds edge will be difficult after a couple of these storms but since there is a water pipe that is used in case of fire in the area, the town plows cleaned off a place near to it so I was able to safely get off the considerate of them!

   One particular area of the broken up water surface drew my eye. The reflections of the snow covered trees were stunning. (Be sure to click on it to enlarge!)
    Most of the water surface that wasn't frozen was subtly textured by the breeze but this one area remained calm enough to create the reflections. The curving white line just added the perfect contrast and I created another "Seescape". At least for the time being, the pond is still gifting me lovely reflections and possibilities for abstractions. I'll just need to get my high boots and crampons out!


Anonymous said...

Patricia, I am so enjoying your pond images. I don't think there is one I didn't love.
I love the four seasons and we have been blessed with a gorgeous autumn and this image is perfectly beautiful! I look forward to what this winter will bring to your pond. Happy holidays!

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you so much! And happy holidays to you as well. I feel the pond has given me so many gifts since I began to photograph it in late June, my cup runneth over!

gina said...

Beautiful images! So peaceful with the monochromatic tones and lovely textures. It make me want to be there and see it in person. This is a wonderful series you're doing.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Gina. I am constantly amazed at the diversity of expression this little pond is capable of. I consider myself fortunate indeed to be able to record it and pass it on!