Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Season of Giving and Receiving...

   The Christmas shopping season is well underway.  Perhaps you are hoping for a new lens or camera bag but I want to speak about all the gifts you have already received, in the photographs you have been gifted by the landscape.

   I've always spoken about how I don't take or make photographs...I receive them.  When I share them with you on this blog I am simply "re-gifting" them in a manner of speaking.  When I have done presentations on contemplative photography in the past, I always make a point to tell people they need to "change their lenses".  I get that idea from Howard Zehr in his wonderful book, The Little Book of Contemplative Photography: Seeing with wonder, respect, and humility.  I carry that book with me when I travel and refer to it constantly.  I owe so many of my ideas on contemplative photography to Howard Zehr and his writing in this small book which is part of the justice and peace building series put out by Good Books.

Below is a chart that Zehr includes in his book on the idea of changing one's lens in order to enter into a new relationship with the landscape or with anything you photograph for that matter.  I do recommend you put it on your gift giving list and don't forget to gift a copy to yourself as well!

Disclaimer:  I do not receive a cut in the sales of this book!  I am simply sharing with you a wonderful resource.  This is also true of any other book or DVD I recommend on this blog.  This blog is not a commercial enterprise in any way.  I only recommend products or classes that I have personal experience with and think you might enjoy as well.  I just thought you might like to know this.

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