Monday, December 8, 2014

A Thought for Today: Alfred Stieglitz

   What is "real"?  I thought I could easily answer that before I began my Poetry of Place project back in June.  Now, my sense of this place's reality has shifted.

   The grainy surface of the newly formed ice brought a feeling of "landscape within landscape" and I responded with a lithographic styled approach.  

   If I only saw "ice" rather than "landscape" I don't think I would have tried this technique. My past reality of documentary landscape photographer has given way to one of an interpreter of the landscape.  It is a subtle but important shift for me.  It has given me permission to be much more experimental and daring.  The landscape speaks to me in another voice, a dialect that I had overlooked before.  My images are merely my interpretation of the voice present in this place.

Nature is mute; our portrayal of it, which constitutes the domain of the landscape in art, is what speaks to us. What landscapes tell us is not necessarily what we might expect...

Andy Grundberg




kimmanleyort said...

I agree. And, it's only one interpretation based on what you bring to the table and how open and listening you are. I get the feeling you're developing a real relationship with this place. And, it's opening up to you more all the time.

Patricia Turner said...

Yes, I agree Kim. Right now I have limited access to the pond because of the snow levels and ice so my viewpoint is rather fixed by I'm still experiencing something new every time I go!