Monday, December 23, 2013

Standing in Wonderment...

   I think that if I could give one gift to all of you this holiday season it would be the gift of wonderment.  Richard Rohr defines it this way.  To practice wonderment means:
  • standing in disbelief
  • standing in the question itself
  • standing in awe before something
   Cultivating a sense of wonderment will take your photographic experience out of the ordinary into a relationship with the world around you that will change you in profound ways.

   We take so much for granted, so many tiny miracles happen everyday and we blithely go about our business completely unawares.  The camera, when held with wonderment, opens us to the magic of discovery.
   So take time during this incredible busy time of year to just sit in wonderment.  Perhaps it will be during a soft snowfall or in a moonlit landscape or just on a walk around the block.  Stop, stare and above all wonder....

    (To read the rest of Richard Rohr's post on wonderment, click here...)


Bill said...

Thank you for this post. I love to wonder and wander.

Patricia Turner said...

Me too! Consider sending me a quotation about wandering in wonder for my vade mecum. I plan to do a lot of both next year.