Friday, December 6, 2013

Metaphors - You can always change direction!

   This is the second tree I've seen recently that seemed to be heading in one direction and then "changed its mind".  (See the other one here.)

   It was obviously a very slow process of re-direction but it never wavered from its decision.

   I saw myself in this tree.  Where I had begun my photographic journey back in 2005 with a determination to pursue "fine art" photography (and all the exhibition/self promotion that entailed),  I too, slowly but deliberately, changed direction to embrace photography as a contemplative rather than a commercial practice.

   Now, be clear on one point, there is nothing wrong with being a fine art/commercially based photographer.  It simply wasn't my path for so many reasons.

   There was no great flash of insight...just a dawning realization that this was the path I would follow.  I think most spiritual journeys are like that as well.  A slow revelation that comes after a long yearning for greater meaning in one's life.  I have been very blessed to find that meaning through my camera work, writing and especially this blog.  Thank you all who have taken the time to comment.  I try to respond to each comment if I can.

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