Friday, December 20, 2013

A Thought for Today - The Shadow Self

   The Shadow Self is the self we keep hidden from the world perhaps through shame or insecurity.  We try to ignore it but it is there nonetheless.  Looking at the "dark" only makes the "light" more beautiful.

   But I believe that there is also an in between place...the twilight self...which is neither dark or light.  It is where we most normally dwell.  It contains elements of both but is also its own unique entity.  The twilight self is the non-dualistic self...the many shades of grey with which the world is truly made.  It acknowledges the dark and relishes the light but is content to rest in between, at the borderline of both.

   Unfortunately, many people refuse to enter this border world.  For them, it is not "dark and light" but "dark OR light".  These dualistic thinkers feel very uncomfortable in the twilight region.  When we become comfortable dwelling in this place we can embrace both sides and reconcile them.  For me, this twilight place is where I can find my higher self,  a self that is never as bad as the shadow or as good as the light. 

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