Friday, December 28, 2012

PhotoTao Card #13...

Card #13

Preventing the Fall
Fear is perhaps our greatest enemy. Disaster can
happen at anytime and to anyone...and so can good
fortune.  There is no way to avert the one or
create the other. 
- Exercise -
Digital photography has eliminated the fear of
"wasting" film.  The delete button is a liberating
thing!  Go out with the deliberate intention of
filling your memory card with only one subject.
Don't leave until you have made at least 50 
photographs...maybe 100!  If you  think you've
done everything you can...think (and look) again!


 It is so easy to rush while on location.  The thought that there is something else, right around the corner, is so tempting.  SLOW DOWN!  Stay in an area for a time...first just sitting and listening to the landscape and then slowly moving through it.  Take the "long view" and the "short view"...the vertical format and the horizontal.  Keep at it until you have your 50 images.  This photograph was made at my cousins summer camp in New Hampshire.  I'd been photographing the water front for at least an hour before I saw these amazing reflections!  Taking your time pays off every time!

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