Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PhotoTao Card #11

Card #11

Usefulness of Nothingness
Become aware of emptiness because the
secret of your being lies in making good 
use of nothing.
- Exercise -
How often we've heard the phrase, "Don't go there,
 there is nothing to make pictures of!"  Out of this
nothingness, great photographs may come.  There
are no bad locations, only narrow vision and
closed minds.  Find such a place and spend time may even find your place of nothingness
right in your own back yard!

   The longer I pursue contemplative photography, the more convinced I am that there is a great deal to "nothingness".  What we choose to see as insignificant and not worthy of our attention as photographers says more about ourselves then the objects themselves.  I make it a point to seek out these places.

   Finding the sacred in the commonplace, the beauty in the everyday things of life, should be a goal for the contemplative photographer.  This pile of old bottles I photographed on South Uist had a wonderful story behind it...a story that brought me a greater understanding and appreciation of the Hebridean people and culture.  Such things are very easily over looked but try to make it a point to discover the "usefulness of nothingness."


Bill DeLanney said...

your post are so wonderful, true and useful. I have made a project which is titled "pictures of nothing". everyday signs with the content removed.I had forgotten how much fun it was to discover a picture of nothing.
My best,

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment Bill! I'm glad that my little scribblings are worthwhile!