Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the Depth of Darkness...

   It has taken me several days to process the horror that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. People began posting their reactions on Saturday morning but I needed time to come to grips with the tragic events of that day.  I still haven't been able to make sense out of the senseless but I wanted to acknowledge the suffering in some small way.  It seemed that anything I could write on this blog would be so inadequate, so trite in the shadow of their overwhelming grief.  I will offer, therefore, just an image and a small poem for my blog friends to consider.  My sincerest hope is that we are all able to find our way out of this depth of darkness by reaching for our individual and interior light of faith. 

The Light of Faith -Mont St. Michel, France

No Man can compass a Despair—
As round a Goalless Road
No faster than a Mile at once
The Traveler proceed—

Unconscious of the Width—
Unconscious that the Sun
Be setting on His progress—
So accurate the One

At estimating Pain—
Whose own—has just begun—
His ignorance—the Angel
That pilot Him along—

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