Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Life's Symphony...

   Ralph Waldo Emerson called William Ellery Channing the "bishop" of transcendentalism.  This writing by Channing has always seemed to me to be the perfect manifesto by which one could live their life.

   There is much in this short passage that speaks to the contemplative photographer as well.  It seems to encourage one to simplify their life; to dispense with unnecessary "stuff" (re-organize your camera bag to contain only what is truly necessary.); to await occasions and never hurry ( Be Still, Be Present, Be Patient and Be Persistent); and above all, to let the spiritual  grow up through the common. (to see the sacred in the commonplace.)

   I so admire the 19th century transcendentalists.  Concord, Massachusetts in the mid-1800's must have been an amazing place to be.  I am still drawn to the town year after hasn't changed all that much.  Emerson, Alcott, Hawthorn and Thoreau would still feel right at home.  I have to say that I consider it my spiritual home for so many reasons.  Do you have such a place?  What would you include in your "symphony"?

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