Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Thought for Today - Choices

The Cloisters at Iona Abbey
   I love this quotation from Eleanor Roosevelt.  This idea also got me thinking about multiple thresholds.  We usually think of them in singular terms.  But could we sometimes have to choose?  Can thresholds present themselves in pairs? 

   I love cloisters because of their circularity. No matter which direction you set out in you always return to the same place in the end. One time you go left, the next time you go right.  Each walk presents a different view.  Yes, life is just a series of choices, big ones and little ones, and we must live with those choices.


kimmanleyort said...

ooooh, so interesting - multiple thresholds. I'm curious about how you decide which choice to make.

Patricia Turner said...

Good question, Kim. Go with the gut I'd say but one thing I've come to realize on this journey is that thresholds go both is not irrevocable!