Friday, October 11, 2013

The Path You Take...

   There are always choices.  The journey we make, the path we take, is up to us.  

   Some prefer the safe track; the smooth and well delineated way where their feet will never get muddy and the path is clear.

   Others prefer the meandering and slightly obscure path.  Where the track is uneven and the way can be challenging and uncertain.

   I photographed both these paths on my trip to down east Maine.  Pathways was my word for the year and I love the way I keep getting subtle messages in the ones I've encountered.  These two examples gave me much to mull over. 

A Pitcher Plant
   The winding, somewhat muddy path on the right was a bit precarious to walk.  More than once I feared I may have taken a wrong turn.  There were no signs and I began to loose my sense of direction.  I wasn't exactly panicking but the thought did cross my mind that if I were to loose my footing and fall it might be some time before anyone came across me.

   The boardwalk on the left was a very easy stroll through amazing bog lands.   It was almost too easy.  Although I enjoyed my walk, the thrill of the unsure and the unknown was missing.  I think I prefer the subtle hint of uncertainty on my journeys.  Perhaps when I'm in my dotage the boardwalk will be my pathway of choice.  Until then I, like Robert Frost, will take the path less traveled and see where it takes me.

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