Sunday, October 6, 2013

PhotoTao Card # 43 - Wonderful Harmony

Wonderful Harmony
Give birth to yourself.  Awaken your
senses by participating in the
wonderful harmony.
- Exercise -
Each photograph, regardless of subject
matter, is also a self-portrait.  The camera's
lens points inward as well as outward.
What do your photographs tell the casual
observer about you?  Through the images
you make, are you truly giving birth to
yourself each time?  Make a series of 
photographs that could be seen as a self-
portrait...what would you choose to 
represent you?

    Another way to approach this challenge is to look through all your images and choose 12 or 20 or whatever number you wish that would give a viewer a sense of who you are.  

   It might be through subject choices or lighting or any other criteria.  Does the group of images stand in as a "self portrait"?

   This is an image of the shale beach across from the cottage in Pembroke, Maine.  Although some of the other people staying with me bemoaned the fact that most of days were less that 100% sunny  I, on the other hand, reveled in it.  The shape shifting clouds subdued the harsh sunlight and added depth and interest to the images I made.  Like this one.  The luminous light on the water would have been glaring otherwise.

   I saw a pillow in a gift shop in Eastport that had a wonderful quote on it that I think is equally suitable for sailor or contemplative photographer....

You can not change the direction of the 
wind.  Instead, adjust your sails. 

...that ability to adjust one's sails is a characteristic I try to nurture all the time. I guess you would say it is part of my self-portrait.


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