Sunday, October 20, 2013

PhotoTao Card #45 - Forethought

Don't hurry into things and don't
jump ahead of yourself.  Small
things done with great attention
outlast great things done

- Exercise -
When you go out to photograph 
today, give a little forethought to 
the experience itself.  Say, "I will
attend to the small things.  I will
take my time.  I won't let events
distract me."  Don't move ahead
when where you are is full of rich 
possibilities.  Decide to photograph
in one small attention
to the details.

    A public garden is an excellent place to confined yourself. It is has boundaries and you can pay attention to the minute details of the created landscape.

    In St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, at the Kingsbrae gardens I wandered in just such a created landscape. What attracted my attention surprised even me.

    There is a huge old hedge that separates one part of the garden from another and you walk through a sort of dark tunnel cut right through the hedge to get to the next sunlit garden space. But it was the dark forbidding space beneath the hedge that captured my imagination. The old trunks twisted and intersected in a kind of Dantesque dance.

    I expected to see a Hobbit or troll! There were figures implied in the trunks. Do you see the screaming lady in the background of the image on the right?   Definitely eerie.

    If I had been by myself, I think I would have ventured into the twisted and dark landscape of the hedge trunks. I honestly think I could have spent an hour within the hedges while everyone else enjoyed the sunlit garden spaces.

    This is what I mean by getting lost in the details of the landscape. This particular place made me think of being very young and lost in a dark forest..."lions and tigers and bears...Oh My! I don't think we are in Kansas anymore, Toto!"

    Find a  special landscape you can loose yourself in!

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