Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Gift....

The Burnt Meadow Mountains in Brownfield, Maine
   The weatherman said today would be overcast and rainy and earlier in the week the economic forecast was equally gloomy.   What we got today was clear blue skies and warm temperatures and we all dodged the political bullet as well.  I will consider them both gifts. 

   This is the view of the Burnt Meadow mountains just a half mile from my home in Maine.  You can clearly see why it got that name and why I love these mountains which are really just foothills of their more famous big brothers, the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

   There's a "cease-fire" for the time being in Washington and I bask in the beauty of my tiny part of the world where bigger and more powerful isn't always better.  I will take whatever gifts I receive and be thankful....

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