Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life Lessons from the Stones....

   I really think that this beach was the best part of my pilgrimage down east.  The experience was so greatly enhanced by Brian Flynn's lovely books.  I am offering you a few of my images which were a response to his wise words.

We are the gateway to the sea
from where all things come.
We are the entrance to the land 
and your first guide.

I am the stone at water's edge.
I stand at the edge of the place from which you came.
I stand at the edge of where
 you live.  I stand at the place to which your heart will always return.

There is comfort in
gathering with others and
being held by those who
have been broken.
They understand us. 

Sometimes we can
only come into
our own if we move
out of our
usual environment.

If we get close enough,
we can find our
common threads.

   This last one I will put into a shadow box as a lovely souvenir of my time down east.  Here is a link to Brian Flynn's wonderful books. 

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kimmanleyort said...

What gorgeous images, Patricia. I have been entranced by the rocks and stones here in Niagara on te Lake. These books sound intriguing.