Sunday, August 25, 2013

PhotoTao Card #37 - Effort

Try daily to make a little space for
nothing, suggests the sage.  Expend no
effort and you will create great things.
- Exercise -
    Take time to sit in complete stillness.
Quiet your mind and slow your
breathing.  Allow Tao to flow through
you.  Only then is it time to pick up the
camera but keep the stillness in your
heart and proceed slowly as if you had
all the time in the world and nowhere
to go.  Do not rush off to another 
location...bring a lunch and stay for the
day.  Watch how the light changes.

    This is a view of Monhegan harbor, a short walk from the cottage I stayed in for the week. I could have sat here for hours. Just sitting in a place and letting the Tao flow through you is such a relaxing thing to do regardless of whether you make any photographs or not. The Tao is a difficult thing to describe. I think of it as the energy that flows through everything and it is present everywhere. We are normally so preoccupied with other "stuff" that we don't experience it.   I urge you to find a place and spend some time in it. Watch the clouds shape shifting, smell the grass, listen to the bird songs, and feel the wind on your cheek. If you feel like it, make some photographs...or not.

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