Sunday, August 18, 2013

PhotoTao Card #36 - Going Abroad

Going Abroad
The sage travels the inner landscape and
finds that in self-knowledge she attains all
that can be attained.  By going nowhere,
she is at ease to explore what is.
- Exercise -
  Take a tour of your own back yard.
Approach this exercise as you would a trip
to an unknown location - a place you've
never seen before.  Try to uncover the
universal in the close at hand.  Choose
twelve images that would give a viewer a
complete "sense of place".  How does this
series alter your own sense of this
familiar place?

   The new term is "staycations"...vacationing in your own back yard. This is actually a wonderful exercise for the contemplative photographer.  If you are an apartment dweller, chose a nearby park.  The important thing is that the place is very familiar to you.  

   This is also much more difficult that you would imagine!  When we "know" something, our mind and therefore our eyes just skim the surface.  It is very difficult to "unknow" it!  It is an exercise that is worth trying though.  If you can see the familiar with fresh eyes you will be able to approach new landscapes with heightened awareness.

   When you have created your 12 images, show them to someone who isn't familiar with the place...see what observations they have from looking at your work.

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