Sunday, August 4, 2013

PhotoTao Card #34 - Satisfaction

Be content to do things well.  Let the world 
take care of itself.  Live your life in the peace
of having conquered the fear of not knowing.
- Exercise -
   Set aside a day to work on just one photographic
challenge, like making photographs in low light
or bright sun.  Explore every facet of the challenge.
Look at other photographers' solutions but
invent your own.  Don't worry if you can't 
master it in one try.  Be satisfied with
the one try.

Monhegan Reflections
    A challenge you might like to try, especially if you are in a city, is to photograph the street scenes through only the reflections in the shop windows. This reflection was on Monhegan and I love the softly blurred image. You have to remember to focus your lens on the reflection and not on the items behind the glass!  This is also an interesting way to photograph people on the street.  Play with it in photoshop to create a more surreal effect.  Using a slow shutter speed will add to the unworldly quality of the image.

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