Friday, August 30, 2013

A Personal "Reflection" - More Than Meets the Eye

   This is one of the images I received during my Star Island stay.  I was sitting on the wide front porch of the Oceanic Hotel in one of their rockers waiting for the sunset, which on Star Island can be quite beautiful.  I thought I was done photographing for the day.  These little rowboats moored in the harbor had other ideas though.

   I looked up from the book I was reading from time to time and my eyes kept focusing on this pair of boats.  I tried to ignore their insistent invitation to come closer.  Finally, I succumbed.  I put my book aside and wandered down to the shore.  What in the world did these little boats have to tell me?  Why was I so attracted to them?  Now, I must admit that 5 years ago I wouldn't have given these boats a  second glance but as I said in a earlier post, we are drawn to contemplative imagery because we earnestly seek it out, even unconsciously.  This was one of those occasions.

   It was the reflections.  The beautiful still water and warm late day sunlight created lovely rippled reflections but as I drew near I could see one boat's reflection seemed to sprout an extension...a softly undulating line.  It was, of course, the reflection of a large sailboat mast moored a distance behind it but it looked as if it was coming out of this little boat.  It made me smile and my mind was a whorl with ideas.  I made the photograph and hurried back to the porch to write in my journal.  This is what sprouted from my pen as a result of that image...

We all have dreams and asperations...we all are so
much more than meets the casual viewers eye.  There is a 
depth and complexity to each human soul that extends
 beyond our ordinary, day to day existence.

   My take away from this little experience was, when the landscape tugs at your heart strings, get up off your duff and go hear what it has to say!  It's bound to be enlightening.  The more you practice contemplative photography, the more these little interludes will occur.  I am reminded of a Rumi quotation which I have used before but which is particularly apropos to this experience...

What you are seeking is
also seeking you.



kimmanleyort said...

This image is stunning, Patricia. I am definitely drawn to water reflections too - and water - and boats - and light. Ahhhhh.

Lynley said...

This image is me right now as what I yearn for tugs at me from behind but I am anchored for now caring for an injured beloved cat and a troubled family member. It is about moments of stillness and moments of light right now.