Sunday, August 11, 2013

PhotoTao Card #35 - Passion

Allow your passion for beauty to lead
you to the experience of beauty.  Let your
passion to know lead you to self-
- Exercise -
    Create an album of the "beautiful"
(as you choose to define the term) by
seeking it in unusual places.  In the
margins of the album, write your
responses to each image by answering
this question..."Why do I see this 
particular thing as 'beautiful' ?"  By the
end of the album has your definition of
the "beautiful" altered in any way?

      I think the thing that has altered most in my thinking over the years I have pursued contemplative photography is my concept of "beauty".  Oh, I still love the field of wildflowers or the spectacular sunset but a tiny pink petal on a gravel road made me stop and stare.

Beauty for me is often found in the juxtapositions I come across. Those subtle pairings in unexpected places most often inspire me.  Perhaps it is the contrast of the rough grey gravel and the soft pink petal...the delicate and the rugged.  The beautiful is often found in these contrasts.  They can also be found in the more marginalized places in the landscape.  Actively seek out beauty in these usually passed by is there.

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