Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slow Art Day - April 27, 2013

   Contemplative Photography is all about moving slowly.  Coming to rest in the landscape, allowing it to inform your camera work, staying with it until the conversation is over.  It is also the slow and careful regard of your finished work, reflecting on the your personal icon of experience to see what messages it contains.  It all takes time and patience, something we seem to be short of today. That is why I was thrilled to see that there is a whole day set aside for the heartfelt consideration of art...Slow Art Day, April 27, 2013!

   Of course, this is not limited to photography.  All art is worthy of your time and attention.  Visit the Slow Art Day Website to find a location near you.  If there are no nearby venues, create your own!  Visit a gallery or a museum and spend time with just a few pieces of art.  Sit and study them; take a journal and write about them.  Ask a friend to come along and have lunch and discuss the work.  This is a wonderful idea and who knows where it will lead!

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