Sunday, April 14, 2013

On Location - The Old Zimmerman Farm

Wood, Stone and Rust
   The Zimmerman Farm is one of many abandoned farms in this area of the Delaware Water Gap Region of Northern New Jersey.  I spend the day yesterday adding to my "Remnants" series!

   The worn and weathered wood and stone was beautiful...even the rusted hardware was striking.  This farm was still in fairly good condition and the soft light of the morning played up the texture and muted colors.  I love the date scratched into the stone!

   I was attracted by this image of the bare vines on the weathered wood and thought it was especially effective in black and white.  In another couple weeks it will loose its calligraphic quality as the leaves sprout and cover the wood.  Timing is everything!

   I make all my images in color even if I intend to later convert them to black and white.  I like to keep my options open but over the years I've come to know that some images are just perfect in monochrome while others need the soft use of color.

   Today I move on to West Virginia but I think I'll post some additional Remnants from the Zimmerman Farm this evening.

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