Thursday, April 25, 2013

PhotoTao Card #25 - Knowing Oneself...

Card #25

Knowing Oneself
When you are insecure you resist
change.  Knowing yourself, one may be
insecure but one can always adapt.

- Exercise -
   Invite someone whose opinion you 
value to view a collection of your work
and ask them for their critique.  How 
does the collection of work make them 
feel?  Do they see a stylistic unity?
How do their comments fit in with the
intention of your work?  How do their
comments make you feel? Do you
need to adapt? 

Rush to the Sea - Harris, 2005
   Exhibiting one's work, even just to a close friend, can be daunting and a bit scary.   What if they HATE it!  What if, even worse, they don't GET IT!  But sincere critique is absolutely necessary for an artist to grow in their medium.  The essential element of the process is to seek input from someone whose opinion you value.  They needn't be photographers but they should be thoughtful observers and be able to articulate their perception of your work. 

   Keep in mind that contemplative photography is exquisitly personal and they may, very well, not see what you see, that doesn't matter.  They will offer you some things to consider as you move forward and fresh eyes will always bring a fresh perspective.

   This post brings us to the half way point in the PhotoTao Card series.  For those of you who may be new to this blog, you can visit the link to the right under "Subjects" to see the other 24 cards.  I intended that people would copy and paste the content to create a deck of their own cards.  Feel free to do that.  They won't be helpful to you if they remain buried in this blog!



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