Friday, April 12, 2013

Finding Your Lodestone...

   A lodestone is a phenomenon of  nature.  A rock that has a natural magnetism.  The word has also come to mean something in our lives that draws us to it...something that has magnetism for us.

   One of the challenges of being a photographer of any sort is to discern what is magnetic for our camera's lens.  What draws us in?  For the contemplative photographer it is even more important because these lodestones, in a subtle way, define us.
The Standing Stone at Pollachar, South Uist, Scotland

   One of my lodestones is actually stones! I love ancient monuments, especially standing stones.  In the Western Isles they are quite prevalent and, it seemed to me, random.  This stone is located at the tip of South Uist and sits in solitary splendor looking out to the bay as it has for thousands of years.  No one knows for sure what its purpose was because there are no other standing stones with evidence of any other monuments or settlement.  I suspect it was placed as a marker to guide sailors.  I just know that I love to sit with my back supported by the ancient stone.  I feel such a connection with the past here as well as an indefinable sense of continuity and permanence.

    I leave today on my long awaited road trip.  What will my lodestones be on this trip?  What are your lodestones?  What draws you in?  When you can recognize these in your life you will be closer to discovering what defines you, as a photographer and as a person.

I am unsure what internet connections I will
have available to me on this trip. I plan to
continue my daily posts, if possible, so stay
tuned for some new "On location..." posts!


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