Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PhotoTao Card #22...

Card #22

Trust the cycles, the ups and downs,
the ins and outs.  Trust equally when
things are bad and good. 

- Exercise -
Revisit your "failures".  Take a fresh look
at a photograph that didn't work for you.
If you can make a new photograph of the
subject, try a new approach.
If you can't, try re-printing it with a
completely different emphasis.  

It's the Winding Road that Leads Us Home
   I had disregarded this photograph when I first made it.  The light was wrong, or more likely my exposure was at fault.  For whatever reason, I didn't pursue it.  Recently, I have been re-visiting past "failures".  After all, I've learned a great deal over the years and maybe this new knowledge would make a difference.   

   One thing I have learned is that when I am drawn to photograph something there is a reason for it.  I'm not "snap happy"...I think a great deal before I make the exposure.  This curving, single track road through the machair on South Uist lead to an old ruined monastery and I loved the view of it through my lens.  After I played with it in Photoshop I was finally able to approximate my sense of the place. 

   Don't reject your initial impressions...let it stew for awhile.  There was something there that is worth pursuing....


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