Friday, October 17, 2014

From the Shore: Gathering Autumn Breadcrumbs...

   After my lovely afternoon at the Shaker Village, I drove home by three lakes.  The sky was turning quite dramatic so I decided to see how the light was effecting each lake I passed.

   The first lake I came to was Sebago and I made this photograph from the causeway in Naples, Maine.  The lake tour boat was docked and the light was so enchanting.

   The second pond I came to was Moose Pond outside of Bridgeton, Maine.  By then, the sun had peeked out from under the billowing grey clouds and illuminated the shore line with stunning light and color and the still air turned the water to a mirror.

   Sometimes, I hesitate making what could easily be called "postcards" but then I remember Dewitt Jones' urging to create random acts of beauty and, well, I think these would qualify.  Not that it is me that is creating the beauty.  I am merely receiving Nature's beautiful creations and recording it as best I can.

   The third pond is only about 3 miles down the road from my house in Brownfield, Maine.  It is called the Burnt Meadow pond.  Further south than the other two, the sky wasn't quite as cloudy but the light was still spectacular.  The pond has a small island in it that brought the light and color a bit closer to me.  Again, the complete absence of wind made the water's surface smooth as glass.

   Of course I had to drive by my house and continue on to "my" pond, Little Clemons Pond, to see what the late day light was doing to it.

   I found it amazing that only four miles apart the light could change so much.  My little pond was sunk in shadow with just a hint of light outlining the hill top.  But Little Clemons Pond nestles in an interval between the hills, a few hundred feet lower in elevation than Burnt Meadow Pond and that, of course, makes all the difference.

   It took me about and hour to travel from Sebago Lake to Little Clemons pond and during that time the landscape treated me to an amazing show.  I've never before gathered breadcrumbs in this way but it was fun.  Each body of water was so different, so unique.  What a gift!  I am truly fortunate to live in such a lovely area!

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