Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creating Random Acts of Beauty...

The Poetry of Place - 3 October 2014
I love the work of Dewitt Jones.  I also love his message.  For every act of senseless violence in the world, use your camera to record random acts of beauty.  That has been my focus since I began my pond project in late June. 

   I think the appreciation of beauty is so important that I created a Pinterest board to pin Just Beautiful Things.  When the nightly news gets over whelming, I can go to it and just rest my soul.  Gazing at beauty is uplifting and one should try to bring it into one's live as much as possible...your daily dose of beauty along with your vitamins.  You can find beauty is a matter of appreciating the subtle nuances that define what is beautiful for you.

   The cell phone camera allows you to record those random moments of beauty quite spontaneously.  I did just that yesterday as I drove by the pond. Technology has allowed us to not miss a thing and in many ways, that is both a blessing and a curse as they say.  I prefer to see it as a blessing.

   Dewitt Jones is committed to finding beauty in the world around him.  In the near at hand and in the commonplace, Jones finds much beauty to record and savor.  With the foliage season here in the Northeast, when Nature fills our world with color and magic, I have had no problem creating random acts of is an important part of my life, regardless of the season, for no other reason than it makes me feel good!

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