Saturday, October 12, 2013

The A,B,C's of Contemplative Photography - M

M is for Metanoia (and also for meditations, metaphor, meaning, mysterious and...)

   I love finding new words!  I found this one in a book I am reading by Carl McColman, Answering the Contemplative Call: First Steps on the Mystical Path.  Although metanoia has various meanings depending on what tact you are taking, (psychological, philosophical, theological, etc.) I will use the one McColman uses in his book on contemplation...

...a new dimension of awareness,
a new unfolding of consciousness,
a new approach to being in the world.

   This is a very apt description of what happens when you embrace photography as a contemplative practice.  You simply cease to see the world around you in a simplistic, concrete way.  It becomes a palace of metaphor and hidden meaning that you wander through in awe and with joy.

   This has, for me, changed forever my relationship with the landscape.  It has made me much more thoughtful and insightful.  Sometimes it is a bit of a burden as well.  I see so much it is sometimes very difficult to turn it off!

   How has your photographic practice heightened your awareness?  How has your consciousness expanded?  Do you approach the world in a different way now?  You can say that through contemplative photography your metanoia has been triggered...where will it take you?



Photoschmoozer said...

Thanks!! for the time you are taking to share your thoughts and photos about your life's journey and contemplative photography. We are on the same path - I call mine BE STILL and SEE Photography - and I call myself Photoschmoozer - just my own journey and perceptions of life and how I reflect on it. Please visit and listen to some of my stories/adventures - people, places, things and my life. I have added your blog to my list on my blog - I have also created a facebook page called BE STILL and SEE Photography - would love you to come and visit and like it! Hope to continue our dialogue!! Martie

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Martie! I enjoyed looking at your blog and pinned it to my Pinterest board on blogs and websites to follow. Unfortunately, the post you refer to on your post was up in error and removed. It will be re-posted on the 17th. In the meantime, good luck on your journey!

Photoschmoozer said...

THANK YOU!! I love the synchronicities and the connections we all make as we are travelers on the same life's journey! I am not familiar with Pinterest but will investigate!!

Patricia Turner said...

You can access my Pinterest site via the link on the side bar of my blog. It is my on-line filing system.