Sunday, October 13, 2013

PhotoTao Card #44 - Mysterious Virtue

Mysterious Virtue
The simple meditation of turning 
your attention inward is the key
to experiencing Tao.  Let it
become a daily practice. 
- Exercise -
Contemplative photography is a form
of meditation.  It encourages you to focus
your attention on the details of life and
then turn inward through you reflections.
Create a series of "Meditations" based on
a simple concept like wind, symmetry or
joy.  Let the images inspire a piece of
writing...a poem perhaps.

Monthly Meditation - January, 2014
   This year I decided to look through my images and create a monthly meditation calendar for 2014.  This is the image I chose for January.

   In December, I will upload all twelve images which you are welcome to download and print for yourself.

   I encourage you to create your own series next year.  I make a small desktop CD case calendar that I can keep next to where I write each morning.  Each month I will  have an image and an idea to think and write about in my journal.

   Spending a whole month on one idea may seem like a lot of time but if you pursue it as an evolving process, where you read what you wrote before and build on it, it is actually a very fluid and interesting exercise.  You may actually end up in a totally different place at month's end!