Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Dear Diary..." - creating an online photo journal

Another day...another squirrel!
   In yesterday's post I talked about the power of photography to remember, even long after we forget.  I thought I would talk a bit today about the idea of keeping a daily photo journal.

   I write every day in my "disposable" journals. (OK, I hear you gasping...again!)  I do throw them out when I've filled them up.  They are very personal and once I've written it all down and re-read them I'm done with it.  The ultimate act of letting go I've always thought but there has always been a wee part of me that wants to leave some sort of legacy behind after I'm dust.  I have this blog of course but I began to think an illustrated daily diary may be the way to go.

   Frankly, I have never been that disciplined in the past.  To make one photograph every day seems like a lot of pressure to me but maybe there is something to it.  I know lots of people who do try to make one photograph everyday and with the cell phone camera it couldn't be easier really.  But what do you do with those images?  Blipfoto is one vehicle to save those daily images along with a journal entry which, to my way of thinking, is equally important...what you saw and how you felt about it.  It makes it a true diary. Remember those little leatherette ones, usually pink, with the lock and key?  A wonderful memory from my youth.  (There are other possibilities, like the  You may know of more...)

   Since Blipfoto is entirely self funded, there are no nasty adverts junking up the pages.  You can do a basic membership for free but a full membership offers many more options and is reasonable priced.  I know this sounds like an advertisement but I just wanted to clue you into what I've found.  Other sites offer similar options I'm sure but I haven't checked them all out.  I only want to recommend things I personally know about.

    I started my on-line daily photo journal on April 15th with my first "selfie".  (I had to re-take my original since the photo you post must be made on the day you post it.  Then I had to change the one I'd previously added to my other sites. because the new one was much better...geesh!)  I've tried to add one image everyday.  Whatever catches my judgements!  I write a "Dear Diary...." caption for it just as I would have in my old pink leatherette one with the little gold key.  Even after a relatively short time it's fun to look back and see my life revealing itself one day, one image and one thought at a time!  You can see my photo diary at Memories4Me(I will keep a link in the side bar so you can check it from time to time if you want.)

   Now, it remains to be seen if I will be able to keep up the daily photo/journal thing but I am hopeful.  Blipfoto only allows one photo a day. Instead of a huge album of images from, say, your latest trip, this site makes you chose a daily 'icon'...what was the most significant thing you saw that day.  That's a great exercise in discernment!

    No pressure though.  If I skip a day from time to time that's fine with me and the site doesn't send out the Blipfoto police if you miss a day!  It is a place to archive those images I do make and any thoughts they generate...a place that will remember long after I on-line photo diary.  That has to be a good thing!


   One great feature about Blipfoto is that at the end of the year you can have a lovely book made of all your images, 365 if you've been really good, and the accompanying journal entries!  I think this a great feature.  Having a "hard copy" of your journal would allow you to slowly flip through your year...a retrospective of your thoughts and images over 365 days.  It would make a great gift as well.


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