Monday, June 17, 2013

PhotoTao Card #30 - Following Tao

Card #30

Following Tao
Be content to watch your life unfold step
by step as you move through it.  It can
only be comprehended in the present.
- Exercise -
   If you have a favorite place to walk, do it
"step by step"  If it normally takes you 20
minutes to walk it, spend 3 hours.  Stop 10
times and sit down, absorbing the "present".
Make one photograph and then move on.
What do the 10 final images reveal to you?
Will the walk ever be the same?

Tree Textures
   It is so easy to move quickly through a place to get to your "destination".  When we walk through a familiar landscape it can become invisible to us.  This exercise asks you to move in slow doddle and tarry - two old fashioned words I love.  

   I remember many years ago teaching at the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston.  Many of the students had been blind since birth but I spoke to a young man who had only recently lost his sight.  Something he said has stayed with me all these many years and it may encourage you to take this slow stroll.  He said, "I wish I had taken the time to memorize the people and places I loved so that I could see them more clearly now with my minds eye."   Wise words.  Take some time this week to "memorize" a much loved spot...


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