Saturday, June 22, 2013

On Location at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens...

A Solitary Visitor
   I spent the summer solstice in the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor.  It was the day before my trip to Monhegan Island and I came a day early just so I could walk these amazing gardens.  I also wanted to check out their labyrinth prior to starting to lay out mine. (More about that later!)  It is an experience I want to share with you all.

The Way is Clearly Marked
   This garden is absolutely stunning and so completely different from the created landscape of the Arnold Arboretum (which I wrote about here).  As a passionate gardener, I appreciated the amazing plantings and stonework.  It is a lovely balanced of formal and informal as well as a woodland walk.  It would take me a dozen posts to even begin to describe this place.  I was with another photographer and, unfortunately, a bit pressed for time but our two hour stroll was nonetheless inspiring. 

   I have to say, I really preferred the woodland walks and secluded meditation gardens to the more formal areas of the garden.  The shadow patterns were gorgeous and the little creatures seemed to enjoy posing for visitors...completely unafraid of the human presence.  I particularly liked this little frog who was so content to just sit on his rock and regard his tiny world through half open lids.  If I could achieve his Zen-like tranquility I would be delighted!  We have much to learn from nature.

Contemplating Frog
   Despite all the amazing flowers around me, I seemed more drawn to the stone and the shadows! Such is the power of attraction...we must listen to its tug on our heart.  I'll try to share some of my floral studies tomorrow if I can.  I will be taking the ferry today for Monhegan which is 20 miles out to sea. I haven't set foot on the island in over 20 years but I doubt much has's just that kind of place. The internet service on the island is sketchy at best but I will try to continue my daily posts...there is so much I want to share with you all!

 Here is a short video tour of the garden...

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