Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monhegan Island Colors...

   Monday was a perfectly glorious summer day and I went out for a walk determined to only begin photographing when something tugged on my heart strings.  It must have been the sunlight or the breezes or the clear blue sky but all of a sudden I began to see color all around me.  I had my focus.

   Limiting yourself to a single theme or idea is often a great way to spend the day.  It was like going on an Easter egg hunt!  I was thrilled every time I came across bits of color in the landscape.  These nets and rope are positively Caribbean!

    And then there is Milly!  A golden retriever next to a lime green door...perfect!  Milly is the official mascot of the Black Duck Emporium on Monhegan.  She greets everyone in the way only retrievers have of dispensing love, with gentle eyes and a lick.

   When you are in a new location and become over whelmed by photographic possibilities...when everything is speaking to you at once...try to focus on one of the visual elements; line, shape, texture, value (lights and darks) or color.  Be sure to look for it in unexpected locations too, like a golden retriever on a porch.  It's  great training for your photographic eye.  It may not, necessarily, have deep contemplative possibilities but it doesn't hurt to simply take joy in the colors around you!

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