Sunday, June 23, 2013

On Location...Monhegan Island

Looking out to Sea
    Monhegan Island is located about 12 miles out to sea but 50 years back in time.  There are no paved roads (cars and bikes are not allowed); a one room school house and a tiny library that is beyond charming.  I have not been back for over twenty years but as I mentioned yesterday, nothing much has changed in those years.  The weather cleared and it was a glorious afternoon to stroll the lanes.

   There is a sense of peace and splendid solitude here.  Of course, in a week or two the swarms of "day trippers" may take a little of that away, at least around the village. However, if you take one of the 17 miles of trails around this small island you will discover places that are beyond description and wonderfully tranquil.  Yesterday I was just content to settle into our cottage and explore nearby.

Room with a View
   Last night, I could hear the soft sound of the fog horn warning seafarers away from the rocky coast as it has for 200 years.  There is an amazing sense of security in that sound.  As if some gentle protector is watching out for you as you sleep.  This is one of the wonderful attractions for me to the islands off the Maine coast.  All is well here and one can relax completely.

   If the weather co-operates, I'll explore a bit further afield today and I hope to bring you more "On Location" images in the days ahead.  I was thrilled to see the lupines were still in bloom and I saw this field of them on my walk yesterday.  The bird house hanging on the limb of an old apple tree made me think of the importance of location.  Here, on Monhegan, every where you walk is the perfect location and most come with a stunning view!

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